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Teacher: Mr. Adam Winkler
Phone Number: 678-676-6992
Room Number: 201
Email: aaw7869@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us
Tutorial Days: Tuesdays / Thursdays
Tutorial Hours: 7:40 / 3:30 or by appt.

A Doll's House


What is the definition of freedom?
• Does social responsibility impede the rights of the individual?
• What are society’s expectations for mothers?
• What are society’s expectations for fathers?
• Can a person contradict these expectations and still be a good mother or father?
• Do society’s expectations prevent a parent’s individual growth?
• Are society’s expectations of parents outdated in today’s world?


                                                                                Literary Merit

* Chapters listed indicate the day they will be discussed.
For example, be prepared to discuss the chapters 5-6 on Friday.                         

        9th grade
Monday 1/13
Poetry Pretest , Ch.12 --lyric, narrative, & dramatic poems.
Unit 4 (diagnostic test)
Tuesday 1/14
Discuss Invisible Man Prologue-Ch. 2 & Finish Ch. 12 in Textbook
Poetry Introduction-- p. 552 -- know all terms & take notes
Wednesday 1/15
Invisible Man Ch. 3-4 ~ Ch. 13 TONE p. 717
"Dulce Est Decorum Est" p. 742
Poetry Collection # 1-- paraphrasing 2 poems
Thursday 1/16
Computer Lab -- reading criticism of Battle Royal
Quiz On Poetry Collection # 1A -- discussion & review of paraphrased poems  
Friday 1/17
2014 PJ#1
Invisible Man Ch. 5-6
Monday 1/20
MLK HOLIDAY Invisible Man Ch. 7-9
Tuesday 1/21
Ch. 13-- Tone activity
Wednesday 1/22
Invisible Man 10--quiz / discussion
Quiz Poetry Collection 2B
Thursday 1/23
Invisible Man 12-14 poetry quiz # 1
Poetry Collection 1 B--group discussion & collaboration
Friday 1/24
Tone activity -- journal check
The Bells / Jabberwocky -- sound devices in poetry p. 590
Monday 1/27
Invisible Man Ch. 13-15
open book quiz- on Poetry Collection 2--Homework p. 612-617 (617 # 2)
Tuesday 1/28
Review practice Test p. 731 Irony-Poem The Golf Links p. 736
In library working on poetry anthology project
Wednesday 1/29
Invisible Man Quiz & Discussion up to CH. 15
UNIVERSAL SCREENER--in computer lab (reading test)
Thursday 1/30
AP practice test # 2
In library working on poetry anthology project
Friday 1/31
Invisible Man Ch. 16-19 POETRY JOURNAL #2 DUE
The Art of Conversation // speed networking / social skills activity
Monday 2/3
Invisible Man Ch. 20  {PJ # 2 timed write}
Universal Screener-- in library HW p. 636 # 2
Tuesday 2/4
Invisible Man Ch.23  AP Practice Test # 2
In Library Working on poetry anthology -- home work Summary vs paraphrase explanation.
Wednesday 2/5
Invisible Man Ch. 24  Discussion up to Chapter 20
"The Raven" - discussion of sound devices
Thursday 2/6
Invisible Man Ch.25-Epilogue
In Library Working on poetry anthology
Friday 2/7
Hidden Name & Complex Fate by Ralph Ellison & MC quiz
The Art of Conversation- discussion of poetry by quick classmate conversation
In Library working on project (make sure you have completed your test on Pearsonsuccessnet.com
IM discussion / project intro
In Library working on project
IM close reading activity
In Library working on project
Thematic significance of IM discussion & review of previous AP open questions on IM
In Library working on project
Ch. 14 in text book--diction work
In Library working on project
AP practice test
The Raven
IM close reading activity
Frost, Dickenson, Eliot
IM discussion
Poetry Quiz & Project work In library
Found Poem Activity
In library
AP practice Test
Shakespeare, Cummings, Frost
Tuesday 2/25
DGP / Anchor Papers for Convergence of the Twain & PJ#4
Shakespeare, Cummings, Frost  Quiz & Discussion
Wednesday  2/26
TPCAST- Keats p1200--When I Have Fears
In library
Thursday 2/27
Compare & Contrast London p. 778 w/ Composed Upon p.1262
In library
Friday 2/28
Review AP Practice Test // compare and contrast
In library
AP Practice Test // quiz 9 Homework--read ch. 19 p. 861-882
Peer editing poetry essays
TIMED WRITE (Homework--read ch.20 p. 884-907)
GDOE PILOT Benchmark
Stresses and Pauses Activity p. 884
Homework read ch. 21p.908-932
Shakespeare's Sonnet # 30, 3 Haikus, Alice Walker, Whitman
Return Timed Writes
Quiz on yesterday's poems
Journal Check--meter activity // writing iambic pentameter
Monday 3/10
TPCATT --Douglas & Milton
Romeo & Juliet Anticipation Guide
Tuesday 3/11
Timed Write # 2 (
Romeo & Juliet Act 1---parahrase homework activity (paraphrase Shakespeare)
Wednesday 3/12
Full length AP practice Test (3/4 scored due to time)
Romeo & Juliet Act 1
Thursday 3/13
Return Timed writes and examine pros ans cons---writing instruction
Romeo & Juliet Act 1 & quick quiz
Friday 3/14
Review AP practice test & read.355-359 in Sound & Sense-Introducing quotes
Romeo & Juliet Act Two
Monday 3/17
Anticipation Guide for Doll's House--start drama unit Monday [1808-
Romeo & Juliet Act Two (finish Act 2 for HW)
Tuesday 3/18
Begin Act One p. 1810-
ACT 2 Quiz & Discussion
Wednesday 3/19
FINISH Act ONE 1810-1833 for HW
Act 3
Thursday 3/20
Timed Write activity
Act 3 // viewing
Friday 3/21
Reviewing Act 2 // discussion Act 1
Quiz Act 3
Monday 3/24
Reading Act 2-- discuss
Act 4--homeowrk Advice Column activity
Tuesday 3/25
Reading Act 3
Advice Column Response-- Act 5
Wednesday 3/26
Discussion on A Doll's House
Finish Act 5 // viewing
Thursday 3/27
Timed Write
Summative assessment  on Romeo & Juliet
Friday 3/28
Review Timed writes
Art of Conversation --- one on one discussion of R&J
Monday 3/31
A Play And Its Elements p. 1303 - Trifles by susan Gladspell p. 1305 (reading)
Viewing : Shakespeare in Love (contextualizing Romeo & Juliet)Homework: read The Old Man & The Sea
Tuesday 4/01
Trifles-- viewing -- analyzing how plot + characterization help create theme
Viewing : Shakespeare in Love --- Homework: read The Old Man & The Sea
Wednesday 4/02
writing thematic statement + thematic discussion
Viewing : Shakespeare in Love --- finish Homework: read The Old Man & The Sea
Thursday 4/03
Comparing & contrasting Trifles w/ A Dolls House
Friday 4/04
In class Old Man & The Sea reading check
Monday 4/14
Tone warm up & Hazel tell Laverne (Intro to Literary Criticism)
Tone Warm up And Literature Circles for Odyssey
Tuesday 4/15
Hazel tell Laverne (Intro to Literary Criticism)
Literature Circles for Odyssey--planning reading
Wednesday 4/16
Sharing student created criticism & A Woman's World--- sample Vendler Grid
Literature Circles for Odyssey--reading/preparing for meeting
Thursday 4/17
Poetry Project Introduced--day1
 Literature Circles MEETING--(950-955) through Locus Eaters
Friday 4/18
Poetry Project Day 2
Literature Circles for Odyssey--reading / preapring
Monday 4/21
Practice Choral reading -- day 3
Literature Circles for Odyssey
Tuesday 4/22
Literature Circles for MEETING (955- 968--through Cylcops)
Wednesday 4/23
Literature Circles for Odyssey
Thursday 4/24
Literature Circles for MEETING (969-978) *
Friday 4/25
Literature Circles for Odyssey--reading / preapring
Monday 4/28
Literature Circles for Odyssey--reading / preapring (978-987)
*      PART 1 QUIZ
Tuesday 4/29
Literature Circles for MEETING(978-987)
Wednesday 4/30
Thursday 5/01
Literature Circles for MEETING(994-1003)
Friday 5/02
Have Odyssey finished by next meeting - (1003-1017)

Adam Winkler  Ed.S.
Chamblee High School English Teacher
Head Wrestling Coach
JV Boys Soccer Coach
"No Place For Hate" Liaison

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