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7th Grade Math Units
"Welcome seventh grade parents and students!"
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2014-2015 NEW**
Updated  July 23, 2014 Welcome to the 7th Grade math page. Here you will find some resources that are important for your child's learning this year.The main resources on this page are 1) New Common Core**Topics and 2) Pearson or related Video Tutors. The key  to your child's success is to alway check with the teacher on a regular basis as this website is only one resource.

**What is Common Core? Georgia is one of currently 48 states that has adopted a set of new national standards. To find out more about the origin of these standards, check here.

7th Grade State of Georgia Common Core State Standards 2012-2013
Dear parents,
The Common Core Year Long Teaching guide is attached in this box. It would be a good idea to print this out and work with your child during each three to six week Unit*. Unit 1 is available and new units will be posted throughout the year.Parents can look ahead on the website:new_animated3.gif
Common Core Teaching Guide:
Unit 1 (Starts August 2014):
Unit 2:
Unit 3:
Unit 4:
Unit 5:
Unit 6:
7th Grade Video Tutors (Every 6 Weeks)

1st 6 Weeks [These videos are picked based on the six week pacing guide-Please remember that teachers approach topics differently, so do check with teachers often for additional support.]

8) The Entire Accentuate the Negative textbook chapter
2nd 6 Weeks (Algebraic expressions, points on a coordinate plane, proportional reasoning-please see year long alignment)
3rd 6 Weeks (Translations, Rotations, Reflections)
4th 6 Weeks (These came from the eighth grade tutors, but are seventh grade skills; these are not all the skills, so please check with the teacher)

5th 6 Weeks

6th 6 Weeks  new_animated3.gifThe the final six weeks, seventh grade teachers review all of the content from the entire year.
The Entire Textbook Series of Video Tutors are here-------->: CMP2 Grade 7

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