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Welcome Parents and students to 5th grade!  Fifth grade is an exciting and important time to embark upon new adventures in the world of learning and preparing for middle school.  We are the beginning of the Middle School Concept!This year of importance transitioning and enhancing the acquisition of new skills with acceleration.  Students will become profound writers of many genres, engage in a world of Social Studies, projects, and Dekalb County Social Studies Fair, to engage in reading with more fluency, comprehension, and skills, allowing social skills of growth, decision-making, and becoming wonderful leaders and followers.  I believe in teambuilding, working closely with my students and parents, and solving problems.  "No Doors are Closed!"
Undergraduate:  (BS Undergraduate:Virginia Union University (BS EarlyChildhood)

Graduate:  Clark Atlanta University (MA EarlyChildhood)

Graduate Specialist: Argosy Atlanta University (Ed.S Administration & Leadership

Graduate Doctorate Program In-Progress: Argosy Atlanta University (Ed.D Curriculum & Instruction: Teaching and Learning)



Name:   Carlynn L. Radden
Birthday:       02/20
School: Chesnut Charter School
Hobbies:        Singing, Dancing, Playing the Clarinet, Reading, Drama, Music/Band, Writing Plays, drawing
Favorite Color:      Red
Organizations:          Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, Decatur Alumnae Chapter: Past Sgt-at-Arms, Past Corresponding
                              Secretary, Presently Arts & Letters Chairperson; ASCD, GAE/ODE/NEA,


Song:   Through Devotion by Earth, Wind, and Fire
Books:  The Bible, Zazoo, Come With Me, Poems for a Journey
Movie:  The Wizard of Oz, Most Orginal Disney Movies, Parent Trap
Food:   Seafood (Lobster, Shrimp, fish)
Quote:  "We will Achieve to Succeed" by C. Radden

A bit more about me

I have been teaching for 30 years.  I have worked with Avondale High School school band for 11 years as the auxiliary director, and acting band director, Teacher Forum Representative, ODE/GAE Associate Representative,Teacher Support Specialist, and Teacher of the Year 1992, 1997 (Forrest Hills Elementary), and 2009 (R.E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy). I am also an experienced Olympic Stepper (1996), Atlanta, Georgia and Who's Who Amongst American Educators.

Presently, I serve as a Social Studies Trainer, Grade Level Chair, Teacher Support Specialist and Fifth grade teacher of ELA/Social Studies at Chesnut Charter School. Also, now a certified 'Gifted' teacher. I am very excited to welcome my parents and students into an inviting classroom of the many strategies I will use to meet the needs of students.  My motto is "if you're happy, I am and if not, I will find a solution to bring joy and understanding to make successful memories."`

Please feel free to email, or write a note.  I want to fill your bucket by closing, "It is no accident we've met, WE have someone we both know and think the world of to ensure success, and that is your child, my student, OUR world."

With Much Success,

C. L. Radden

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