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welcome.jpg    October 21 - 25, 2013

Testing is Over!!!!!  Time to get ready for Fall Festival this weekend.  I hope to see a lot of you there.  

Hello parents and students, and I am excited about a wonderful 2013-14 school year. I have been teaching fifth grade at Kingsley for ten years and most likely have taught many of your children and siblings. In total, I have been teaching for twenty years and have a Master's degree from George Washington University and am gifted certified.  I have hgh expectations of each student and will work with each individually to reach success.  I also look foward to working with every parent to make this a fabulous year.

  I will post all necessary information here to keep you updated.  You will also find out what we are currently studying and homework assignments.





To Access BrainPOP at School and at Home:
1. Go the BrainPOP website at 
2. Enter the following information in the fields at the top of the page:

Username: KINY236 Password: dekalb
3. Click to select the subject area that you would like to explore!

Please check my web site daily for  assignments and special announcements.

To register for Parent Assistant or any school choice program, click on the link below:

Parents, you will need your child's GTID number to set up the grades eportal, and that can be found on the progress reports being sent home today!






DG Klingensmith
5th Grade Teacher
Kingsley Charter School
Dunwoody, Georgia  30338

All students should have an agenda and a math resource handbook.  They are available at the school store.
1.This is the math link to access the student's copy of the math text.  Check it out!    
Sign in by typing in :  Username: 5classdekalb
                               Password: dekalbstudent5
Click on Sign In, Click on the picture of the cover of the book, then find wher it says Go to page _____, and type in the page number of your homework. Click go.  You may make the page larger, but it is not printable !
Access the reading book by going to the website:  .Fill out the informations, and use the same username and password as the one abouve.

Please take note of the new code for accessing your math and science books!
To access science text books, go to  The student code is DKBGAGrade5




We are working on long division and willl begin Unit 2 Tuesday, October 29.
Wednesday: homework worksheet on division due tomorrow.
ELA Syllabus
math dictionary

math dictionary

We are on the last story in this Unit ,which is a readers' theater

We have started the Unit on the Civil War.
G1: Summary Sheet Chapter 5 lesson 3
G2 and G3: We just tested on Chapter 5 lesson 1 and are beginning lesson 2