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Instructional Data Management Systems (IDMS)

Start Date
December 20, 2007
SchoolNet Version 12.02
Module Rollout Status:
School & District Data (Account)
Complete and In Use
Assessment Admin (Assess)       
Complete and In Use
Classrooms (Align)      
Complete and In Use
PD Planner (Educator Development)
Implementation in progress SY 2011-2012

The Instructional Data Management System powered by SchoolNet is DeKalb County School System’s central data warehouse. IDMS enables the district to improve student achievement and empower DeKalb educators to make informed instructional decisions and deploy a standards-based curriculum to ensure consistent and rigorous instruction.

School & District Data
District and school leadership can identify trends and patterns by analyzing multiple measures of student performance including standardized tests, benchmark assessments and gradebook data. Dynamic reporting is a key feature available within all modules.

Assessment Admin
This module provides flexibility for creating and administering assessments at all levels throughout the district. Teaching & Learning creates all district benchmark tests and schools can elect to create their own school benchmarks to use between district benchmark administrations. Scanned test results provide immediate access to a variety of assessment dashboards and reports to inform instructional planning, improve decision making and to identify struggling students for intervention and differentiated instruction.

Teachers can view and track their students’ progress for the current school year with access to all historical data dating back to SY 2005-2006. Teachers track class and student instructional progress with formative and summative assessment data and create learning plans for individuals and groups for differentiated instruction. The curriculum component allows teachers to use the resources for instruction and lesson planning. 

PD Planner
PD Planner provides a central online catalog of PD activities across the district from a single web-based interface. Beginning August, 2011, all DeKalb employees will access PD Planner to register for activities, create a PD Plan and track their completed Professional Development hours. PD Planner supports new teachers with a mechanism to create, track and manage mentor/mentee relationships and interactions.

The IDMS Resources website provides “how to” documentation for all modules. The URL is provided here as well as in DeKalb Discussions and on the IDMS SchoolNet homepage.

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