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EOCT-QOTD questions setup
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Part 1:
EOCT Review Site Information (EOCT, GHSGT, CRCT, etc.)

Start practicing early.   Your score on the EOCT counts 20% of your grade.  The score is recorded separately on your official transcript, so colleges and scholarship agencies see your score.

The department of education site (The folks that write the education standards, and the tests – EOCT, GHSGT, CRCT, etc.):

  Click on students.
  Find Testing; within it click on
      -    Testing Information and Study Guides (in blue).
* Click on EOCT (within Primary Assessment).  On the right-hand side of the page you will find EOCTstudy guides and released tests.  Click on Biology, and any other test you wish to review.  

Part 2:

I will prepare you in two ways for the EOCT – Biology.  The first is to teach you biology daily, and the second is through preparation for the actual EOCT.  I like to work a bit each day rather than push things off until the end.  Therefore, we will complete a question-of-the-day (QOTD) nearly every day preceding the official testing date scheduled for very late-April or very early-May.  Through the QOTD, we will review each of the five content standards for biology ten times (5 content standards x 10 questions/content area = 50 questions).  

You should pay attention during the QOTD (and all other times…), think carefully about each question and   reason the answer out.  I anticipate the QOTD to take about five – seven minutes per class.  We will do the QOTD at the beginning of most class periods.

You will complete the following:
1.  You will need a total of 13 pieces of notebook paper to complete the EOCT-QOTD.
2.  You will neatly and completely copy the question and (all) answers in a timely fashion when given in class.
3.  You will copy and/or give the correct answer.
4.  You will correctly and consecutively number each question (#1 – 50).
5.  You will copy all additional information given during the review of the question.
6.  You will complete two QOTD per side of notebook paper.  This results in four QOTD per piece of notebook
      paper (two on each side of the paper).
7.  You will place your full name on the top line of each side of notebook paper.
8.  You will consecutively number each side of notebook paper at the top right-hand corner of the paper
     beginning with 1, and ending with 25.
9.  You are responsible for obtaining the question, answer, and additional materials if you are absent, etc.  Be
      sure to maintain the order given in class!
10. You will do the above in your neat handwriting using a blue pen, black pen, or pencil.
11. You will turn this packet (all fifty questions, etc.) in when we have completed them in class.  I will grade
      them and give you credit for a test.  I very am intolerant of sloppy, incomplete, and incorrectly done work.   
     Once I grade the assignment, I will return it to you.  Use it and the information given above (part 1) to
     prepare for the EOCT.  Don’t lose (or abuse) the assignment.  I will be offering extra credit concerning it
     after you take the EOCT.

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